A Quilter's Alphabet - by Chris Chiros

I’m on vacation this week, and it’s making me hypomanic and silly, so I decided to create a quilter’s alphabet.

A is for the angles I try to piece just right
B is for bobbins all lined up and tight

C is for the curves I just love to piece
D is for dying fabric, does the fun ever cease?

E is for EQ7, designing and such
F is for fabric, can we ever have "too much"?

G is for my guild full of excitement and friends
H is for their help that never ends

I is for ideas that jump into my mind
J is for the jumping I do with a great fabric find

K is for kaleidescope quilts, my 2010 obsession
L is for local quilt shops, with their wares and teaching sessions

M is my machine that keeps me in a groove
N is for needles that stay nice and smooth

O is for Oops, mistakes that are slight
P is for piecing my blocks just right

Q is for the Quilts I finally finish.
R is for retreats to help my fabric stash diminish.

S is for my sketch book where ideas get going
T is for the thread that allows me to keep sewing

U is for the UFO's I try not to count
V is my "this quilt is done" victory shout!

W is for my occasional whining when something is not perfected
X is for the mark in my sketch book when a design gets rejected

Y is my yearning for more quilt time to play, and
Z is for my sleep at the end of a great quilting day!  Zzzzz......

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the vacation silliness. I love your poem!


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