Quilts of love

baby quilt #1
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Over the years I have had the honor of knowing some special people who are devoted to making charity quilts. Some were made for returning soldiers, others were made for homeless shelters, and a great many were made for cancer patients who often find that their treatment causes them to be extremely cold.

Years ago I was a member of a guild in a community outside of Seattle, WA. I met a woman who made the most beautiful whole cloth quilts. She made them out of two fat quarters and a bit of batting. The detail was just amazing, and she said that they were so much fun because she could make them so quickly. She made at least 2 to 3 a week. I was surprised and asked her why she made so many. I just couldn't imagine what you would do with so many "doll" size quilts. She told me that she did volunteer work at the local hospitals rocking babies.

She got the idea to make the small quilts because she wanted the little ones to have some measure of love, even though many were very ill. She received many thank you notes from parents, as well as staff members at the hospital, for all her hard work. She told me that for years she had looked for her purpose and she felt that she had found it the first time she received a thank you note telling her that she was bringing joy to a place that often held sadness. Charity quilts are more than charity, they are an expression of our giving nature.

Written by Rebecca LaPlante.


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