March Block Lottery: Improv Geese

For March we will be making improv flying geese using the design seeds Candied Hues palette.

Please use the colors above in your blocks, using solids, tone on tone prints or reads as prints.  Do not use one specific color for your background, but mix the colors up.  Do not make identical blocks, but vary fabric placement and the fabrics themselves.

In my sample I wished I would have used a few solids as it seems rather busy and even with using 4 of the 5 colors, I wish I would have added the blue also to mix it up more too.

You will get one entry for every two 6.5" x 12.5" geese strips that you make, the maximum is 6 strips which equal our regular maximum amount of three blocks.

The instructions that follow are for foundation piecing this block.  If you feel comfortable to free piece it, go for it!  If you make each geese unit 3.5x 6.5", 4 geese will yield one strip.  Kristin made some foundation papers with the "improv" lines drawn in and also some blank rectangles that give you the size to work within for your geese.  Check your sizing when printing, I printed them at 107% (under printer options, scaling) to print at the correct geese unit size on my printer.  You can print these on regular paper or Carol Doak Foundation paper works well too.

I started out with an assortment of 9" squares and 5" squares.

The larger 9" squares are cut into quarter square triangles to use for the "geese" color of each unit.  The smaller squares are cut in half into half square triangles and used as the background for each unit.  There were times my background pieces were too small so I would suggest starting with 6" squares halved for your backgrounds.

Line up your "geese fabric" on the non printed side of the paper.  (For more detailed foundation piecing I do use fabric glue, but for this I just use one pin as I'm removing the paper right away.)

Place background triangle on geese fabric, right sides together.

Hold up the unit to be sure both fabrics cover sewing line.

Stitch on sewing line.  You'll note foundation pieces are numbered for order fabrics should be added on.  Small stitches make your paper easier to tear out here, but if you need to redo something of course the ripping out of small stitches is not fun, so perhaps shorten things up once you get the hang of it.

Place unit face down and fold paper back at stitching line.  I have a cardstock straightedge that is helpful for this.

Here I have folded back the foundation paper along the seam line, then lined up the 1/4 mark on my ruler with the stitch line and will cut the excess off leaving my 1/4 seam.

If you do a lot of foundation piecing, an Add a Quarter Ruler is nice as there is a lip that catches the fold and makes trimming quick.

Finger press or iron press with a dry iron this piece into position.

Add piece three (2nd background triangle, again checking both fabrics cover seam and that you are sure the geese until will be covered when the fabric is pressed back.

Sew the second seam of the unit.

When you are making your own improv lines, if you want your geese unit point to come fully to the top cross your seams at the dotted seam line on the foundation paper.

Place unit face down and fold back foundation paper.  You may need to gentle pull paper back from first seam. 

Again, using a 1/4 seam allowance with your regular ruler or the add a quarter ruler, cut excess fabric off.

Finger or dry press finished geese unit.

Place finished unit face down, and trim on outer lines.

Completed improv geese unit. ( If you are concerned about making your own unique improv geese, try drawing sewing lines out for yourself on each of the blank templates to see how they look and then follow those. )

Here are my four units together to make the strip... I like to press the points up as shown.  Keep in mind that the background portions of your geese units will most likely have some bias edges so handle carefully.

If you'd like a little reassurance or still have questions on how foundation piecing works, check out this Fons & Porter video!

Ta Da! Make 6 of these if you'd like to get all your entries!

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  1. I love the palette!!! The tutorial looks really detailed too! Thank you! Ellen


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