I heart Instagram!

Odds are that you have at least heard of Instagram if you aren't already on it.  As quilters, we are  visual, so the visual nature of Instagram is pretty appealing to most of us.  Instagram is a phone app that  lets you create an account and post photos of what is happening right now(Insta-) and let it be seen by others that follow you (-gram).  Essentially, you just take a photo, add an optional fun filter to jazz it up  and then post it for your followers to view.  For me it is a personal pass-time as well as a professional tool.  People post photos of everything from fantastic food to cute cats.  But my favorite posts are works in progress from quilters around the world, what's new in the fabric world and  good places are to dine.  It is a free app for smart phones and your account can also be viewed online at Statigram.  It is very user friendly and easy to navigate.  There is a fantastic primer on the basics of Instagram on their website.

Hashtags are a way to "tag" your photos so others can find your photos on a certain topic.  I used the hashtag #madronaroad as I instagrammed the progress of my challenge quilt.

Hashtags are also a way for you to search out photos on a topic that you would like to see.  I, along with many others, used the hashtag #quiltcon during my trip to Austin last month.  

I also used the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild hashtag #mmqg to entice members with some yummy fabric that I was bringing to our fabric swap. 

Some of our members on Instagram are:
Nikol @sewtropolis
Mary @maryonlakepulaski
Flaun @ipleadquilty
Rozina @breakseaupcycle
Ellen @landolake and @shanonfabrics
Alyssa @citycricket
Tracy @tswesty
Karen @badlandquilts
Kristin G. @missenota
and me, Lisa @pixiespit

Some "famous" Instagramers that I follow are:
Jacquie Gering @jaquietps
Lotta Jansdotter @lottajansdotter
Purl Soho @purlsoho
Alissa Haight Carlton @alissahaightcarlton
Valori Wells @valoriwells
Violet Craft @violetcraft
Melody Miller @missletterm
Anna Maria Horner @annamariahorner


  1. Great post! I learned an awesome trick yesterday on Instagram from @stitchoutsidetheditch. She showed me how to check color value in a quilt block. You snap a photo of your block or layout and apply the 'Inkwell' filter, which converts it to black and white. I thought it was a really cool trick to check for contrast!

  2. Great post! I'm inspired to hang out on Instagram more often. Oh, and I'm annik_m.

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