February 2013 Meeting minutes

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey. We had a lot of good, honest feedback. There were several members that expressed a concern about the increase in dues, so the board did some comparable research, crunched some numbers, and decided that instead of increasing dues to $60, we will actually be dropping them to $40. In order to off-set our costs, however, we will need more participation from members. Please volunteer and contribute in any way you can.

We have also changed the meeting night from the "teenth" Thursday of each month to the 2nd Thursday. March just so happens to be both.

We held ranked-choice voting for the cookie exchange coming in May. The winner was Hot Crossed Nine-Patches! Karen will be posting sample blocks and color palettes to the blog soon.

Since several members don't have name tags, we will be having another name tag swap. Please sign up via the email message from the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild admin (Kristin). If you haven't received the invitation, let us know and we'll make sure the email list is updated. These are due at the April meeting, so if you can't make it, please drop off or mail in your name tag to Sewtropolis before April 11th.

Show and tell was a little sparse this month, but absolutely lovely.

ChrisC ticker tape
Chris C's ticker tape from scraps

Kristin L. bento block swap
Kristin L's Bento swap finish

Maria G.'s thousand pyramids

And then came the bag swap! At first, the elephant rounds went very nicely, then a little bit of grabbiness took over, and the final round was a fun free-for all with several steals.

Bag Swap 1 Bag Swap 2Bag Swap 4 Bag Swap 3

New board members were elected:
Tracy, secretary (the worst secretary on the planet gladly passes the torch to you)
Lisa, treasurer
Kristin, web coordinator
Vanessa, vice president
Flaun, president
Thanks so much to all former board members for your contributions. We know you'll be close at hand, should we need guidance.

For our 10-minute tip, we had a tip free for all. Rebecca recommended cutting fabric on a table that is 3-5 inches below your forearm when bent at a 90-degree angle in front of you and "cutting from the hip" to help with drift. Other recommendations were InvisiGrip for your rulers, a "spider fingers" method, walking your fingers up the ruler as you cut, placing the pinky of your ruler hand on the table next to the ruler edge, butting your ruler up against the wall, and etched Olfa rulers. So many ideas! Also discussed was how to find true on your fabric - press fabric, if necessary and place selvages together. With the fold hanging down, slide them left and right until there are no wrinkles at the folded edge of the fabric. Placing a long ruler in the folded area will help weigh down the fabric, if you're having trouble with that.

Remember, March is renewal month! Please bring your dues by check or cash and your membership renewal form. We hope to see you all at the meeting March 14.

Upcoming things:

  • The Madrona Road challenge reveal is at the March meeting. Don't forget to make your extra 12.5" block--anything goes. It would be nice to have all the blocks revealed at the March meeting, but if you are swamped, we will also take them in April.
  • The next social/quilters support group is March 27th from 6:30-9 p.m. at Common Roots.
  • We are having a "garage sale" in April, and will need organizers and donations. Clear out and declutter your sewing space for spring! Think about how great a clean space will feel. We will take fabric (yardage, precuts, and even nice scraps), notions, tools, books, etc. All proceeds will go to the guild.
  • Kristin will be holding another fabric dyeing workshop on April 6th from 10-5 at the Textile Center. If you want to come along and just do your own thing, that is also fine. Contact minneapolismqg {at} gmail {dot} com for details.
  • We are joining up with the MN Contemporary Quilter's retreat, April 19-22. There are already a few signed up, so join in! We are working on forming our own retreats, but that might not be ready until next year.
  • The next sew-in will be in May.

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