Quick Charity Quilt Series- Easy "Pillowcase" Style Quilts

I was asked to discuss a super easy quick quilt pattern that could be made for charity. I thought I could chat about the pillowcase style quilt. This is more like a big blanket than a quilt. But, it is quick and easy! The nice thing about it is-- it doesn't need binding!

The basics include:
  1. making a quilt sandwich
  2. sewing around the edges
  3. turning right side out
  4. sewing the opening closed
  5. top-stitching
  6. quilting

I have linked to a few methods and examples below.

This one is a cute patchwork style tutorial from lansdownelife blog. Though she did the top in patchwork, you could also use one solid piece, similar to a whole-cloth quilt.

Listed below are some different instructions for making this style quilt.

I found this on http://www.quilterslastresort.com/t249-pillow-case-style-quilts

Yet another example with photos and step-by-step instructions. This one is from bluemoonriver.com's blog http://www.bluemoonriver.com/PillowcaseTurn.pdf.

Here is one last tutorial from Rita at Red Pepper quilts, used with permission. She has a few tutorials for making this style quilt- she refers to them as quilts without binding. http://www.redpepperquilts.com/2011/09/quilt-without-binding-tutorial.html.

I encourage you to try this method and have fun!

PS Thanks to Kristin for helping find an image and for Jen's one block tut http://minneapolismodernquiltguild.blogspot.com/2013/01/quick-charity-quilt-series-one-block.html for inspiration and ideas!


  1. I'm not great at sewing, but I think I’m really going to try this. You make it look sooooooo easy. Thank you.

    Gretta Hewson
    Veritable Alaska Fishing Lodge Sitka AK

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