Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator App Review

Today I am reviewing Robert Kaufman's Quilting Calculator App that is available on iTunes and on Google Play for Android phones.  User reviews on both sites give this free app relatively high ratings.

The calculators in the app are:
  • Fabric Measurement
  • Backing & Batting
  • Piece Count
  • Pieces to Yardage Area
  • Binding
  • Border Yardage
  • Square in a Square
  • Set in and Corner Triangle
  • English/Metric measurement option 
Fabric Measurement converts between inches/fractional yardage/decimal yardage. 

Batting & Backing calculates needed yardage.  For a 94x94 quilt that I am currently piecing I plugged in those dimensions and added an 8" desired overage for my backing and determined that I needed 9 1/4 yards of backing for my project.

Piece Count allows you to input the dimensions of your desired fabric piece and what you are cutting from to determine your yield.  I should get 12 - 5x5 charms from a fat quarter according to the calculator.  Pieces to Yardage Area determines yardage needed for specified number of pieces.  For a recent charm swap I needed 50 charms and the calculator told me to buy 1 yard of fabric.

For my 94" inch quilt the Binding Calculator determined that I need 9 strips of the 2.5" width binding strips I selected for a total yardage of 5/8...and if I wanted bias binding also gave yardage at 5/8.

I found the border yardage helpful for a recent purchase. I was buying a stack of FEs for blocks for a queen size quilt but needed to estimate yardage for a narrow inner border and outer border.  By entering in a 90 x 90 quilt with 2" and 8" borders I found that I needed 5/8 yard for the inner border and 2 3/8 yards for an outer border.  The calculator also gave me the option to select mitered borders if I wanted. 

Square in a Square works out all the dimensions for a square in a square block using either the finished inside square or the finished outside square dimensions.

Set in and Corner Triangle is pretty handy...for my 12" inch squares on another quilt I'll need squares 18 1/4" for my setting triangles and 9 3/8" for my corner triangle

Despite being a math/numbers person that loves geometry and does a lot of calculations in my head, I have to say I like this app a lot.  There are so many times as a mom that there are just too many things going on at once that it is nice not to have to think...even alone in the store without distractions. There are many useful calculators on this site that make it worthy of a definite thumbs up.  Advertising on the app is minimal, there are links to Kaufman's blog and other sites but only if you select them.  So if you are a quilter and have a smart phone or an i-pod, this app is for you.   


  1. This sounds so handy! I'm glad it's an Android app as well as an Apple one.

  2. I've been using this app for about a year now on my iPad...needless to say, the girls know I mean business when they see me walking in with it! One of my favorite apps!!

  3. hmmm- will this work on my kindle??

    I'm not tech savvy--- I have a kindle fire--- and if it don't say "for Kindle" I'm out of luck guessing lol

    1. I have a kindle fire and I found it. On your kindle, go the the apps store and search for QuiltCalc.

  4. Replies
    1. If you are on a laptop, try some of the resources on the Quilter's Paradise site, they assisted Kaufman with writing the app and have some free online calcs on their site.

  5. Thanks for the review and thanks for saving me $30 on a quilter's calculator at the store! I am super excited to try this.

    Thanks again!

  6. Just got a new smart phone and would like to try this app. Have a simple one on my Nook but doesn't do much ...will try this one ....Thanks

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