Quick Charity Quilts Series--Scrappy Trips

In our continuing series on quick charity quilts, I thought I would choose a design and see how long it took me to finish a top.

You've likely seen the Scrappy Trip Along making the rounds on the interwebs; that's the design I decided on. (You can find the tutorial here and the Flickr group here.)

I wanted to start with a bright and happy palette without getting too frenetic, so limited my choices to two colors: yellow and pink. Varying the tone of each gave the quilt some sparkle.

Palette for Trippy Lemonade

As I began creating strip sets, I placed each strip deliberately, choosing which other fabric strips to place around it. It soon became clear that placing the colors in such a manner would take a lot of time, so I made piles of strips and grabbed randomly, only putting them back when I had already used that particular print in the strip set.

Piles of strips to make Lemonade

The strip sets went together quickly after that.

Trippy strip sets

Unsewing each sliced strip set took longer than I expected, but the pretty 12" blocks were worth it.

Trippy Lemonade block 1Trippy Lemonade block 3
Trippy Lemonade block 2

Cutting the fabric took approximately an hour. Assembling the blocks took another 12.5.

I forgot to keep track of how long it took to sew all the block together to create the top.

The entire process took a week, sewing after work and on the weekend.

Trippy Lemonade

Honestly, it wasn't as quick as I had thought it would be. BUT if you increase the strip size, you could make it much faster!


  • Strips cut at 4 1/4" will make a simple, generously-sized baby quilt with just 4 blocks (45" square finished, each block 23" unfinished).
  • Strips cut at 3 1/2" will make a row 6 feet wide with only 4 blocks (18 1/2" each unfinished) - choose your finished quilt size by adding rows below.
  • Increase the strip size to 6 1/2", and in just 2 blocks (36 1/2" each unfinished), your row will be 6 feet wide.
All in all, it took a little longer than I expected, but is still a relatively fast quilt to make for charity, especially if you alter the strip size.


  1. Thank you for your input on this particular pattern. I am looking to finding a good pattern that will allow me to make quilts for charity - so I appreciate all of your hard work!

    Plus I LOVE the color combination.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I have seen a lot of the scrappy trips going around blogland the last month and I think that your colors work great, because this is one of the prettiest I've seen.

  3. Very nice. Love the limited color palette!


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