Quick Charity Quilts series--Patchwork Chevron

Saturday blog posts for the first quarter of 2013 will focus on "Quick Charity Quilts". We hope to have some great ideas for quilts that are not only really quick to make, but beautiful, too!

There are many ways to give -- your time, your money or your talent. My time is limited, most of my money is spent on fabric, so that leaves me with giving of my talent. I have donated quilts over the past few years to silent auctions that have raised money for families in our community. The most recent was in October for a young man who is a senior at the high school that my children graduated from.  He was diagnosed with leukemia this summer and a group of parents put together a fundraiser/silent auction at the high school to help raise money for his medical expenses. I donated this quilt which is quick and really, really easy to make plus packs a modern punch. I used fabric from my stash, mixed them up and put it together without much fuss. 

These are the care instructions that I include with each quilt:  
"Use it, love it, machine wash and dry it, and then repeat." 
I am always hesitant about putting myself out there and giving away something that I've made; I don't feel that the quality is up to par. However, each time I offer a quilt to a group, it is greatly appreciated, admired and auctioned off for a little more than the value I give it. Also, it's a good feeling that my little hobby/obsession can help out a family in need. So next time you hear about a group looking for silent auction donations, reach out and donate a quilt.  Everyone loves a quilt and you'll feel pretty good about doing it!

The "Patchwork Chevron" pattern can be found in the Moda Bakeshop, and is by Jeni of In Color Order.

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