Member spotlight: Tiffanie C.

Tell us about yourself.
My Husband and I moved to The Minneapolis/St. Paul Area 3 years ago from Winona, MN and currently reside in Saint Paul. We both met and grew up in Elkton, SD. We have 3 Four Legged 'children' a 3 year old Basset Hound, an 6 year old Siamese mix and a 7 year old Siberian mix. I work at the Star Tribune as a Print and Digital Media Coordinator
Do you have a blog, Etsy shop, or other quilt-related business? If so, please include a link.
I have a neglected blog at I am working on getting better at regularly.
Do you have any other hobbies, crafty or otherwise?
I crochet, embroider, am slowly teaching myself how to knit ( it is not pretty) as well as enjoy painting and repurposing furniture as well as fixing up our old home.
How long have you been quilting, and how did you learn to quilt?
I have been quilting/sewing for about 1 1/2 years. I learned a bit from a friend but the vast majority I learned from trial and error.
How many quilts do you think you have made? How many are still UFOs (unfinished objects)?
I have made 4 complete quilts with 1 more on the way. I have a few UFO's but they are mostly from other crafty adventures.
How many hours a week do you spend quilting on average?
It depends on the week. I usually quilt anywhere between 4 - 8 hrs/week. But that can greatly varies depending on life.
Describe your first quilt.
The first quilt i made was an oversized queen quilt for our bed. I learned a lot from this quilt, mostly cutting straight really matters, as well as sewing straight matters. I can't remember how many times i had to re-cut the blocks. I also learned that Free Motion Quilting is not as easy as it looks.
Overall, I really love my first quilt. It was a fun adventure, and though it took me a long time to do i really enjoyed the experience. 

Which of your quilts is your favorite or are you most proud of and why?
My favorite quilt I have made, has to be the one I made for my Mom Last Christmas. It was a simple quilt, but it was fun and her enjoying it so much made me really proud of my work.
Jelly belly quilt
Where do you sew? Describe your space and your favorite quilting accompaniments.
I have an office on our main floor that I sew in. I really love the space.It has a lot of good natural light and storage for my stash and other crafty endeavors.
Describe your fabric buying habits and stash. How do you manage your stash?
I usually only try to purchase Fabric when I have a specific quilt in mind. except for the basic stash building solid and etc. However, I usually have enough fabric for a good amount of quilts or projects at a time.
What are your favorite and least favorite things about quilting?
My favorite part of quilting is the piecing and seeing the quilt come together as well as the quilting. I really enjoy trying new types of free motion quilting. My least favorite is cutting. No matter how hard I try.. straight lines and I don't see eye to eye.
What are your current and/or long-term quilting goals?
I really dont have too many goals. I hope to make more quilts and enjoy them. I would really love to learn new techniques and new ideas for quilts. I would also like to create my own patterns someday.
What is one (or more) quilt technique you would like to learn or are afraid of?
I would really love to learn more modern free motion quilting such as Angela Waters' style. I love her style and though I practice, I feel I am not catching on as fast as I would like.
Who or what inspires you most in quilting?
Colors and shapes. I really like the way someone can create such different ideas and make different styles, and layouts with the same fabrics.
What advice do you have for new quilters?
Don't get overwelmed. Take it one piece at at time.

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