Member spotlight: Mary K.

Tell us about yourself.
I am married to my wonderful husband of 22 years. My son is married and has two children and my daughter is also married. My two step-daughters are married and each have one child. All of our children live in the Minneapolis area. I have the best job ever - I am a retired grandmother! I grew up on a farm only ten miles from where I live now - our dream home on the lake.
Do you have a blog, Etsy shop, or other quilt-related business?
I've had a blog since 2009 -

Do you have any other hobbies, crafty or otherwise?
My hobbies are first - my grandchildren and then spending as much time as I can on and in our lake! Traveling takes up the rest of the time I'm not quilting, can't stand being away from my grandchildren or the lake unless it has hard water.
How long have you been quilting, and how did you learn to quilt?
I've been quilting for about 30 years but had sewn garments for years before that, so I thought sewing something flat couldn't be that hard.
How many quilts do you think you have made? How many are still UFOs (unfinished objects)?
My quilt count is probably in the hundreds especially if I include doll quilts and baby quilts.
How many hours a week do you spend quilting on average?
I probably average about 20 - 25 hours a week sewing, not just quilting.
Describe your first quilt.
My first quilt had HUGE pieces, puffy batting and was tied with yarn.
Which of your quilts is your favorite or are you most proud of and why?
One of my favorites is the Bricks and Stones quilt I made using Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt. The pattern is by Red Pepper quilts and I modified it to not be asymetrical. I quilted it myself.

 Where do you sew? Describe your space and your favorite quilting accompaniments (music, tv, wine, etc).
I sew in our combined guest bedroom/office. I got a great storage cabinet a year ago that makes it so much better. Before that my fabric was everywhere as this room has no closet.
Describe your fabric buying habits and stash. How do you manage your stash?
I didn't really have a stash at all when I retired six years ago and now it is nearly out of control. For the past six months I have tried to limit my buying to only what I need to finish a project. New clothes and costumes for the grandchildren is the exception.

 What are your favorite and least favorite things about quilting?
I like most everything about quiling - the best is just working with pretty fabric and the worst is having to unsew something.
What are your current and/or long-term quilting goals?
My current goal is to finish three quilts in process and my long term goal is to start and finish a quilt kit (applique) gifted to me by my SIL as she decided it wasn't for her.
What is one (or more) quilt technique you would like to learn or are afraid of?
I am working on improving my FMQ skills so I can quilt everything i make. I still find it difficult to quilt large quilts on my domestic machine.
Who or what inspires you most in quilting?
Rita of Red Pepper Quilts is my quilting idol. She has such precision piecing and eye for putting fabrics together.
Many other bloggers also inspire me.
What advice do you have for new quilters?
Do what you love and don't be too hard on yourself.
Anything else you would like to share?
Belonging to a guild (or two) helps me to continue to expand my quilting skills.

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