Quilting the Modern Quilt

Don't you wonder sometimes how to finish all that blank space in your Modern Quilt?

The Modern Quilt is known for a lot of blank space.  And it can be intimidating to decide how to quilt all that space.  Let me share a few things I have tried and some suggestions to try.

When you are ready to combine the top, batting and backing of your quilt give some thought as to how you will quilt it.  In traditional quilts, I like curvy quilting if the piecing is blocky.  I like straight or simple lines if the top is busy or already has movement from the pattern.   But those guidelines don't apply to Modern Quilts.

When first learning to quilt use a thread color that matches your background.  Also a very thin thread weight 60 or less will add texture but not thread build up.  Using a thinner thread also allows you to use a smaller needle.  And for some specialty fabrics that is important.
My opinion, is a wavy line is easier to do than a perfectly straight one.  But with that being said, I find circles to be the most difficult.

  You might like to vary the sizes of your circles or make them slightly flattened like cobblestones.  Just practice making figure eights that flow into one another.

Another look that I really like is called McTavishing.  Karen McTavish is known for this elegant look that seems to go with just about anything.
There are so many ideas, once you start brainstorming you'll find it hard to stop.  You can increase your spacing as you quilt. So if you stitch a vertical lines 1/4 inch apart, after stitching 5 or 6 lines switch to 1/2 inch apart, and then 1 inch apart.
Consider swirls, flames, flowing water, giraffe dots, zebra stripes, or triangles.  Start with any shape and morph it, shrink it, repeat it, echo it and have fun.

As you gain more confidence try a contrasting thread.
Just be aware that you will have every wobble and thread build up visible. 

And you can always combine several options for a one of a kind creation.

Most of this just takes practice.  I have made many place-mats to practice my stitches on.  And that is a nice size to get comfortable with any design you have dreamed up.  

The Modern Quilt allows more expression in your quilting choices.  You can add drama with texture that would be lost in a traditional quilt.
so experiment and have fun.


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