What the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild Means To Me

Hello- My name is Ellen and I am new to the MMQG. I love anything crafty: quilting, sewing, handwork, knitting, needlework, etc. I consider myself a beginner at quilting-especially compared to others in this group! I started quilting in 2002 with a traditional pastel crib quilt for my then two year old daughter.

I don't ever have enough time to quilt. I haven't made many quilts, but the desire is there. And, I have never made a Modern quilt, but want to. (One reason I haven't made many quilts is that I've been intimidated, e.g., "maybe my corners won't match." But Modern quilting seems to be about letting go of the traditional rules- and I like that!

I've also never belonged to a quilt guild. I'd thought about it and even visited a few. But they weren't the right "fit." Many met during the day when I was at work...or their members were retired with grandchildren-- and we just didn't have much in common. But the MMQG members seem to be a lot like me! So...that's my quick intro and now here are my thoughts on the MMQG and Modern Quilting.

What the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild Means To Me


  • Women with similar interests getting together 
  • Quilters like me--many with full-time jobs and young kids 
  • Quilters who live in urban areas, mostly… 
  • Being able to communicate 24/7: our Blog, Facebook page, etc. 
  • Charity Sew-ins 
  • Sewing Sew-cials 
  • Sharing ideas 
  • Doing things for others in the guild and in the community 
  • Learning new techniques
My QuiltCon block--this block symbolizes what Modern Quilting means to me. I made it for the QuiltCon challenge. It's done in the "wonky" style- I had no plan, I just randomly cut and pieced.
MODERN QUILTING (what it means to ME)

  • FREEDOM to quilt without boundaries 
  • No fear of the “Quilt Police” 
  • Using fabrics together- even if they don't "match" or "coordinate" 
  • Using maroon thread to piece…if I want 
  • Not having perfect pieces, all the same size and shape 
  • Letting loose and having fun with quilting!

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