July 19th meeting minutes

The meeting started out with Nikol reminding the members that we will be charging dues to become members of the Guild. As a reminder we would like to bring in guest speakers and hold other events and as a part of that we will need funding.

The Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild Bylaws were then adopted by all the members present.

Nikol then introduced the Guilds Executive Board: President: Nikol Gianopoulos, Vice President: Jennifer Madsen, Treasurer: Lisa Taglia, Secretary: Flaun Cline, Website Coordinator: Kristin Lawson.

Kristin Lawson then provided updates about the Guilds website/blog. There is now a public page and a private page for members only. The main/public blog now has a calendar page, a page for details of challenges and swaps, and a page for member blogs and shops. The private, members-only blog requires an invitation and has a member directory page, a blog posting schedule page, a 10-minute tip schedule page, and a page with a list of blog post ideas.

Nikol discussed the Jacquie Gering visit planned for September 16. We agreed to do the Hexagon quilt show in her book.

A update was provided by Nikol about the sewing event. Two quilts were completed. One will go to a family who lost everything in the floods in Duluth and the other will go to a local women’s shelter.

Nikol provided an update on the QuiltCon event and we showed off and collected blocks for the QuiltCon challenge.

Nikol then discussed the Bento Block Challenge with the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. Blocks are due at the October meeting.

One of our members, Elise Peters, has suffered two personal losses recently so the group talked about a social sometime in October in her honor.

Jennifer Moore of Monaluna fabrics will be in town and members were invited to a dinner with her.

We then held a show and tell and turned in our membership dues.


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