February Meeting Recap

We had a lot of fun at this meeting, lots of good ideas floating around, such as:

Jacquie from Tall Grass Prairie Studio Blog.  Flaun has been talking with her about a possible visit in September.  Everyone likes the idea, but would like more information about cost, timing etc. from Jacquie, Flaun will follow up with her.  In the meantime, Nikol will ask the Textile center about space.  

Blog hop for those of us who have blogs.  Again, everyone likes the idea, but we will hold off until April. 

Logo for the group:  Tracy’s daughter was so kind as to draft a few ideas for our logo.  The group looked over the designs and asked Tracy to provide the group’s feedback to her daughter.  (good luck Tracy) 

Name tags:  We decided the best way to get our name tags done was to have someone else make them for us.  So we all drew names out and will make a name tag for the person.  Due date:  March meeting. 

Block Lotto: Tracy won the Block Lotto.  New rule:  Once you win the Lotto you can not enter again until you finish a quilt using the Lotto blocks you won.  

       Green Challenge:  Vanessa reminded everyone that April is the reveal for the Green Quilt Challenge.  Make a quilt using only repurposed items. 

       Blog:  Annik created a blog for us using Blogspot!  Everyone loves likes the idea of having a blog, but as we grow we want to make sure we start out using the correct blogging network.  (wordpress or blogspot).  We were going to do a little research (pro/con) of using each and decide at the next meeting.  

      Officers:  at the last meeting Nikol asked for people to come up with various officer positions to help her run the group.  From that meeting the following positions were created: 

o President: Leads meeting & sets addenda, meeting reminders & sets calendar.  (Nikol)

o Secretary: Takes minutes & posts summary of each meeting online. Handles calendar. (google docs from blog?)  (Ellise & Marie)

o Treasurer: Coordinate collection of $ as needed?  (Lisa T.)

o Monthly Block Lottery coordinator: Responsible for posting tutorial information online  (Karen)

o Social Media: Face book/flicker/blogger/twitter? - coordinate members forum area?  (Open)

o Donation Coordinator: Works to find opportunities for charitable sewing to contribute to and also works to solicit donations of fabric for presentations & charitable sewing.  (Tina)

o Board: to decide rotating calendar: quarterly challenge, monthly block lottery, every other month demo/sew in/ quarterly social, etc.??? & decide social media strategy? Marketing?  (Open)

o Challenge Coordinator: (one person per challenge/rotating) Responsible for posting guidelines, motivational messages along the way & coordinating reveal, write summary for MQG blog?  (individual members)

o Graphic Designer: (Tracy’s daughter)

 Next meeting:  March 15, 6:30 – 8p.  Sewtroplis, 5 West Diamond Lake Road, S. Mpls.   See you all then! 


  1. I have Annik as our social media guru!

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