April Block Sneak Peek

For our April block we chose a snowball block and a neutral color scheme was suggested.  I experimented a bit with some color options for everyone to consider.  Totally random usage of neutrals didn't really show off the block pattern.  The quilt above uses light neutrals for the snowballs and dark neutrals for the corners.

Below uses light neutrals for the snowballs and one color for the corners...we'd just have to agree on a color.  In substituting different colors in, I thought red was one of the better options.

And this last quilt is a combination of neutral snowballs with bright and scrappy corners.

To participate in the April block drawing we will each make 4 - 6" snowball blocks in the chosen color scheme. So what do you think? Which option do you choose?


  1. I like the scrappy, of course. Bright colors are always my fave.

  2. I like the scrappy version best.

  3. I like the scrappy version the best!

  4. The group was pretty much unanimous last night that the scrappy version with a beige/neutral snowball center is the way to go :)

  5. Where can I find the instructions? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ellen,

      I'll post a tutorial or link and size info by Monday.

  6. Thank you! Your last tutorial for the 36 patch was so helpful!


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