3/15/2012 MMQG Meeting Minutes

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting last Thursday. Here's a recap of the meeting for those of you who were not able to attend.

  •  New Meeting Location
Exciting news! Sewtropolis is moving to a new location. Our next meeting is April 19th at the new store, located at 4755 Chicago Ave S., in South Minneapolis. Please bring a snack or beverage to share in honor of Nikol's new digs and our new meeting space!

The group would like to do two things:
  1. A fat 1/8th swap. Since the challenge includes so many colors, we agreed it would be helpful to do a fabric swap. If you wish to participate in the swap, please send me an e-mail and I will assign you a color. You may choose a print or a solid in the color I assign you. Cut 1 yard into fat 1/8ths and bring it to the April meeting for the swap. As a reminder, the colors are: tangerine, gold, citrine, lime, aqua, turquoise, white, and gray).
  2. Make one block of your own design (although you are allowed to submit up to 3 to the challenge) to send to Elizabeth Hartman made from the swap fabrics (or your own). Make five more blocks of the same pattern in the fabrics of your choice. These blocks must be 12.5" square. As a group we will piece the extra blocks together to make charity quilts.

  • Jacquie/Tall Grass Prairie Studio Trunk Show, Book Signing, and Class at Sewtropolis
Flaun filled us in on the latest details on our impending visit from Jacquie of Tall Grass Prairie Studio. We agreed that we'd love to have a full day class with her but weren't exactly sure what we would like her to cover. Please take a look at her blog and do a bit of brainstorming for the next meeting. The tentative date for the book signing is September 13th. Flaun, please add anything that I may have missed.
  • Blog/Social Media
We would like to close down our Big Tent site. Between this blog, Facebook, and our Flickr group, it feels like our online needs covered. Marie is going to look into deleting the Big Tent group.
We chatted a bit about this blog, too. We decided to add a section to list member's online shops, Etsy or stand alone. If you have a shop, please send me the link and your logo (if you have one) and I'll get it set up.
If you have a blog and you consider yourself a member of the MMQG, please add a link to this blog and spread the love around. We don't have a button yet, but I'll put one together as soon as our graphic design work is done.
And speaking of graphic design, Tracy's daughter hasn't had time to work on our logo, but we certainly appreciate the time she's put in so far. If anyone knows of a graphic designer who might be interested in doing a logo for us in return for a quilt, please let us know.
Finally, we talked briefly about our blog hop concept. If memory serves me correctly, we talked about featuring block tutorials as we hop from one blog to another in May/June.
  •  Block Lottos
New member Charlot was the winner of our 36 patch block lotto. Congratulations Charlot! All the blocks looked gorgeous together. Ahuge thank you to Karen for writing such a concise and easy to follow tutorial.
The group was nearly unanimous in voting for scrappy snowball blocks with a neutral center for our April lotto.
Nikol suggested doing granny square blocks for our May lotto. I suggested doing a swap (or "cookie exchange") just to change things up a little. Make 12 granny square blocks. Save one for yourself and swap the other 11. Each person goes home with enough blocks to make a quilt. Flaun knows of a strip piecing tutorial and will share it with us. While I didn't mention it at the meeting, I think it would be wonderful to use reproduction prints. Thoughts?
As for future block lotto ideas, Marie mentioned the Antique Tile block from the Fresh Lemons blog. Thanks to smart phones, we were able to see the block and agreed we loved it, so let's add it to our list for a future month.

  • Name Tag Swap
The name tags were amazing! Please post a photo of your name tag on our Flickr group if you have time. I have name tags for Karen and Lisa and I'll bring them to the next meeting. Didn't get a name tag? Maybe we should choose names and do a second round for people who missed the February meeting.

  • Show and Tell
 Amazing, as always. What a talented group we have!

Phew! What a productive meeting. Please leave a comment if I left anything out. See you on April 19th at our new meeting location. Don't forget to bring your upcycled quilt :)



  1. My two cents on the granny squares: I actually don't care for reproduction prints and don't have a single one in my stash, so that wouldn't work very well for me...

    The link to the strip piecing tutorial is as follows: http://imagingermonkey.blogspot.com/2012/03/strip-piecing-granny-square-block.html

  2. Thanks for the summary Annik...I hope to put up the snowball tut links tomorrow. I'm a little behind, after the flu it seems I (and now my kids) have a mild version of the whooping cough - so not much sewing here!


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